Never again will you have
to worry about
your non-resident tax

I can save you time and
paperwork on your
surcharges, seizure of funds

Never again will you have
to worry about
your non-resident tax

I can save you time and
paperwork on your
surcharges, seizure of funds

If you have a home in Spain and live less than 183 days a year,

you are a 'non-resident' and you have tax obligations to meet

As an owner and non-resident of a property in Spain, you have to declare and pay yearly for the following taxes:

Property tax
home (IBI)


The Non-Resident
Income Tax
Return (Mod. 210)
for the State Tax Office

Thoughtful businessman with laptop on office desk

You can take care of it yourself , getting tangled up in paperwork and having many doubts and worries.

And if Spanish is not your thing,

 it gets even more complicated!

Hombre con una flecha apuntando hacia los documentos fiscales

Or let me help you:
I will prepare and file your taxes:

You come to Marbella to play golf, to enjoy Mediterranean food,
to spend time with friends in a local bar by the sea...
Relax and put the management of your non-resident taxes in the hands of a professional:

Foto de Esther encargada de second home tax
Foto de Esther encargada de second home tax

Hello, my name is Esther Muñoz.

I am an economist and tax manager specializing in Non-Residents. 

I have lived in Germany, Ireland and the USA and I know what its like to deal with any administrative procedure in a country that is not your own,  going back and forth from one office to another, long waits, endless queues, another language… its exhausting and time consuming.

I’m aware , that to keep up to date with the tax authorities without surcharges or seizure of funds, you have to keep a close eye on deadlines, forms, direct debits, making  sure it is correct and is on time to avoid fines for late payments . 

I have been working in a bank in Marbella since 2003 and I work as a  tax manager for non-residents like yourself

For more than 15 years I have been offering: 

What you can expect from my services

Three things, no more and no less:

  • Preparation, filing and domiciliation of your taxes in Spain. You save money by filing your taxes on time, help you avoid overpaying, without surcharges or seizure of funds.

  • Before filing everything, I will send it to you and explain it so you are fully aware of what is happening and that you can give your approval. You can have confidence that everything is in order.

  • After submitting everything, I will confirm the exact amount that the Tax Office and Patronato will charge you and the expected date for you to have a balance in your account.

No surprises.

Everything under control.

The process is simple and safe

Foto de Esther encargada de second home tax
  • You can choose which option you need and fill in their contact form.

  • We schedule an online meeting and you give me the information I need to carry out the management.

  • My fee is due before I start the necesary documentation.

  • I will send everything to you before submitting it for your approval.

  • I will submit the documents to the Tax Office and the Patronato and I deposit the payments in your account.

  • I will confirm the date and the amount of the bills that will be charged to your bank account and you will receive the corresponding bank receipt.

Everything is settled!

Foto de Esther encargada de second home tax

In short: 

You click on the service you require, fill in the form and relax in the knowledge that your affairs are being dealt with professionally.

Meet your tax obligations as a Non-Resident in Spain:

  • No surcharges or seizure of funds.

  • Quick and simple

  • In English, Spanish or German.

  • Easy, with simple language and no small print.

Your peace of mind is just a click away

I offer you 3 levels of support so that you can choose the one that best suits your needs:

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What customers say:

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Why choose this service?

Easier than ever

Quick, efficient and much safer than doing it yourself.

Security and confidence

No need to worry about deadlines or paperwork. I do it all for you

With a fixed price

It doesn't matter if you are in Marbella or not... You will always be up to date with your tax obligations

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Why my service is for Non-Residents only?

Because I have been working with Non-Residents for more than 15 years. It is my speciality. I am permanently up to date with all the laws and requirements.
And because I know how difficult it is to meet the taxes in Spain as a foreigner and non-resident: The administrative procedures are long and complicated… and on top of that, in Spanish!

I guarantee:

And of course, the information will be treated with total confidentiality and maximum professionalism.


It is up to you. You can do it yourself or let me help you.

Frequently asked questions:

If you have any question that is not here, please write to me and I will answer you within 24h (M-F).

It is a service designed for Non-Residents who own a property in Spain.
A Non-Resident for tax purposes is a person who spends less than 183 days a year in Spain.

Yes, I practice from Marbella and my clients are of multiple nationalities. The two requirements are that they spend less than 183 days a year in Spain and that they own property in Spain.
My service is to help these people to comply with their tax obligations in Spain..

Send me an email to, and I will get back to you within 24 hours (Monday to Friday)..

I will answer all your questions. 

– Responsibility for seizure of funds or surcharges from years prior to contracting my services.

– Claims, writings or procedures of any type of files that are in executive period that originate in years prior to the contracting of my service.

Payments are always made by bank transfer

When I receive your email asking for the service, I will send you the details so that you can transfer the amount for my service. Once received, I will send you a confirmation receipt and I will get down to work.

The payment of the taxes will be directly charged to your account by the tax office

I don’t do services, but if you need it, send me an email and depending on what it is, I’ll see if I can help you. 

Yes, with 15 years banking experience behind me, i work in a bank in Marbella and   I specialise in non-resident clients like you. I am always up to date on tax matters for non-residents.

My services are annual, i.e. you pay once a year the amount corresponding to the chosen service. With this amount I will make sure that you are up to date with all your tax obligations in Spain as a non-resident owner.

Yes, each tax is charged in separately to different public corporations in Spain: IBI is a local tax and IRNR is a state tax.

It is not nationality that is the determining factor, but tax residence

Once I confirm the amount of tax, you must have the funds in your bank account to be pay correctly. This way you will avoid surcharges.

If you would like me to help you with a specific need related to your property in Marbella, this meeting does have a cost. Write to me and depending on what you need, I will let you know if I can help you.

What my clients say:

If you would like a personalised appointment, please write to me at with your name and phone and I will call you back within 24h (M-F)